The concept is simple. Take a blank sheet with nothing but the basic outline of a pinup girl and illustrate a unique scene around her.”


He asked me out.




We meet for the first time tomorrow.

I’m taking him out to dinner and surprising him by taking him to the beach afterwards.

Out of all consecutive days that we’ve spoken together. This is the least amount we’ve ever said to one another.And that bothers me, should it? Well, it is.

My gut feeling is that something’s going to come up and he’s going to have to cancel. I’ve been feeling pessimistic all day, yet this is something I want really badly. He’s so intelligent, funny, caring, and considerate, and I feel like I’m in the clouds when we speak to one another. But I keep getting this sensation that he’s just not into me anymore. I’m so tired of things not working out, I just want him to be the one that’s different.



By Rosa Verloop, manipulating stockings using nothing but drawing pins selectively placed to form this incredible life-like face, the textures and anthropomorphic qualities it has boggle the mind. 

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So he’s finally, FINALLY arriving in Los Angeles on Friday, and naturally, I’m extremely apprehensive. He says that he wants to go out when he comes back, and I believe him. Although I have this part of me whispering saying that something is going to happen and all of this time and effort I’ve put into this man will be for nothing.

When we were fighting, I had told him that I’ve mentally/emotionally prepared myself if things don’t work out when we meet (LOL NOPE I’MA BE A WRECK), and he was surprised. He wants me to remain optimistic, but I can literally see his interest waning at times, too.

He’s thanks me for waiting for him, and that I’m such a sweet guy. I just hope it’ll be worth it.

I’m like uh… really into him, I can’t say if he reciprocates.

This is me being moody and doubtful. I need the help of gay Jesus.

Oh yeah, it’s 4th of July. Whatever.

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I adore him, so much. Ugh, I hope we can be together.

Also, I found Trophy Wife on iTunes. YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH